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Please drop a comment here to affiliate! Do leave five samples of your icons on the comment, yes? Comments are screened.

Bright and colorful are her style in graphics making. Kei's icons styles are pretty varied and beautiful. She doesn't only make icons, but also banners, moodthemes and even layouts! Consisted of various shoujo video games, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Kiniro no Corda, D.N.Angel, DOGS, and Prince of Tennis icons. Interested?

The vibes Kaze's icons give are cheerful, sweet and adorable. Her icon colorings are warm, while the others are really refreshing. She also makes pretty headers and wallpapers. Her fandom circles around Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, FF7, Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chornicle, Nabari no Ou, and a lot more. Interested?

Kate has a really cute style and has pretty wide range of fandoms, from Japanese to Korean! She does a lot of variations which are really nice, also stylish and not boring! Interested?

Stylish, varied, and original. Malice does really great job with bright things. Her layouts and profile layouts are extremely superb! So does her icons, banners and winamp skins. Her main fandoms are Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Loveless, Aria, Lovely Complex and Nabari no Ou. Interested?

Breyzy loves to experiment with different kinds of coloring style. She used to have this purplish icons, but recently she's been on rather yellowish coloring. Her icons are simply nice. Interested?

Owned by six people with differed styles of graphics. Amano with her outstanding stock icons and cute layouts, Aya with her bright and cute icons, Berry with her distinctive and stylish icons, Chiisa with her colorful and nicely cropped icons, Mugen with her amazingly varied icons and great use of textures, and Sekia with her well-made coughgaycough icons with nice colorings and cute profile layouts. Worth watching, no doubt. Interested?

Joint graphics community of four people with different styles and fandoms. Hikki with an astonishing and original styles of icons, Dejiki with his full o' crack icons, Lynn with gorgeously colored icons, and XY with her lovely variations. Interested?

DTN's fandom is pretty widely varied. Prince of Tennis, Tenimyu, Spiral, Bleach, Full Moon wo Sagashite, you name it. Her icons consisted of cracks, and always so meaningful. Her moodthemes are really awesome as well! Interested?

All of her icons are of Dong Bang Shin Ki, which are animated and textless. Aki makes really, really lovely icons and has a really good color balance on all the textless ones, as well as catching the most precious scenes on her lovable animated icons. Dong Bang Shin Ki fans, you should check it out! Interested?

Cute animated icons, that's what Takai usually makes! She makes really cute icons and the texts she put on the icons were really appropriate! Interested?

Soft and calm colored J-Rock icons are totally Tao's style. She also makes sophisticated wallpapers of J-Rocks, and usually her works involve red, black and white colors. Interested?

Icon journal of four people with different fandoms and styles. Michi, with appealing manga colorings, stunning monochrome icons and innovative animanga icons. Kerilu, a lot of creative color-playing and texture usage. Anty, makes delightful textures and complicatedly awesome CLAMP icons. And Hane, voguish and stunning fashion icons. Interested?

A graphics journal of Riyuji, who has a various and wonderful style in iconing, be it text icons or animanga icons; and Rabid Lola, whose style in text icons are decorative and has a unique style in animanga icons. Their main fandoms are Air Gear, Fruits Basket, Bleach and Tales of the Abbys. Interested?

Vibrant, stunning manga colorings as well as pleasant color balance in animanga icons. Baa has such a distinctive style in which we can guess it's her icon once we see it! Even if so, her icon styles varied a lot. Her icons always give out warm and positive vibes! Interested?

Tenken's style is basically eyecatching and quite stylish! Her fandoms are various, including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ouran Host Club, Peacemaker Kurogane, and Death Note. Interested?

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